Thursday, October 11, 2012

flashbacks splashbacks

You know what's really disgusting about memory flashbacks?
The same thing that's so disgusting about bulimia.
You think you're done with something, you got it out of your system, it doesn't matter if the enamel of your teeth is completely worn off, it doesn't matter if everything stings and hurts and aches, you got it out, finally.

But then the splashback hits you in the face.
And your entire day is marked by that mixture of disgusting water slapping you in the face. A cold shower you never even knew you needed.

That's what's so disgusting about memory flashbacks.

random book quote of the day

"Randomness - events occurring unpredictably without apparent cause - has been seized on to rescue the nervous system (or rather our view of it) from being a machine without volition or free will."

- Richard L. Gregory, Eye and Brain

Friday, October 5, 2012

Sometimes I wonder about people's background stories and why they say the things they do the way they do.
I think there's something profoundly sad in the way our lives unfold - it's a closed book with filled pages for one person and the imprint, but absence of a wedding ring for another.
Long sleeves and bitten down nails or plastic-filled lips.
A messy bedroom or a chronically clean kitchen.

Failed intentions and unsaid words or explosions of emotion that leave nothing but dust behind?

We all have stories we don't want to have.

random book quote

"Distorted body images are common and demonstrate that there is a difference between the body image and the body itself. Anorexics experience their bodies as fat when they are on the edge of starvation; people with distorted body images, a condition called "body dysmorphic disorder," can experience a part of their body that is perfectly within the norm as defective."

- N. Doidge: The Brain that Changes Itself