Monday, September 23, 2013

About veganism

Did a massive weekly vegan shop yesterday and bought about 20 pounds of fruit and veggies for about £11 - basically an insane amount of amazing home grown food for a stupidly small amount of money. I’m always amazed when people say being privileged or financially well-off is a prerequisite to becoming vegan when clearly tins of beans and veg could hardly get any cheaper. Although I do understand that some people do not have easy access to markets (and especially cheap ones), it’s about sending a message and changing the supply and demand chain wherever and whenever we can. Meat and dairy industries actually have quite small profit margins so even the smallest changes in consumers’ diets - and therefore purchasing power - are registered quickly.

When it comes to boycotting firms that test on animals to stop cruelty against animals, everyone vigorously nods their head in agreement. When it comes to boycotting the meat, dairy, and egg industries to stop cruelty, rape, abuse and exploitation of animals, everyone just kind of shrugs and cries about their right to eat whatever they want.

The murder of sentient beings is not a right. 

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